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WIPS 22-23

Works in Progress Sessions

  • Have an upcoming presentation that you would like to practice and get feedback?
  • Preparing a proposal and you would like to brainstorm your project idea or a question or an issue?
  • Writing a manuscript or responding to a reviewer and you are stuck about one of the sections?
  • Are you in the process of writing up your dossier for the past year and want another pair of eyes to review before you submit?

Join us for one of our Works in Progress Sessions (WIPS), a safe space for feedback and review! We are accepting submissions for WIPS which take place on the third Monday of the Month. See the flyer for the full list of dates.

Reserve your spot anytime during the year or sign up at least two weeks in advance.We request the drafts of dossiers, manuscripts, papers, or grants, at any stage of development, to at least one week before the session to allow reviewers time for their thorough review.