Ninez Ponce, PhD, MPP

Ninez A. Ponce, PhD, MPP, a Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management, UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and a Senior Research Scientist at the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, received a Doctorate of Philosophy in Health Services from the Department of Medicine, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA and a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University, Boston, MA. Dr. Ponce’s current research interests include increasing prevention and screening services use among linguistic and ethnic minorities, and developing innovative approaches to expand insurance markets to cover low-income immigrant populations.




“Do language barriers contribute to variations in health services use among Asian and Latino elders?”┬áDr. Ponce’s RCMAR/CHIME-funded project examined to what extent Latino and Asian elderly who have difficulty communicating in English, compared to English speaking Latinos and Asians, face more barriers in receiving appropriate health care.


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