Lara A. Ray, PhD, MA

Lara A. Ray, PhD, MA, a Professor in the Department of Psychology, UCLA, received a Doctorate of Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology and Behavioral Genetics from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Dr. Ray is interested in researching addictions and her program of research focuses on the integration of clinical psychology, pharmacology, and behavioral genetics to advance treatments for substance use disorders, particularly how they apply to minority elders’ alcohol misuse and health promotion.




“Brief intervention for alcohol misuse among elderly Latino day laborers.” Dr. Ray’s RCMAR/CHIME-funded project sought to develop and test a culturally sensitive intervention to reduce unhealthy drinking and promote linkage to health services among low income, marginally employed, older Hispanic men.


Bacio G, Moore AA, Karno M, Ray LA. Determinants of problem drinking and depression among Latino Day laborers. Substance Use & Misuse. 2014 Jun;49(8):1039-48. doi:10.3109/10826084.2013.852577. PMID: 24779503. PMCID: PMC4098844.