Jesus Ulloa, MD

Jesus G. Ulloa, MD, MBA, MSHPM, is a Health Sciences Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Surgery in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and a vascular surgeon in the Greater Los Angeles Veterans Affairs health system.  He is a first-generation college graduate, medical school graduate, and surgeon.  As a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Clinical Scholar, he completed secondary data set analysis assessing the relationship between payer status and use of post-acute care discharge facilities for patients undergoing lower extremity vascular interventions as well a qualitative study of surgeons that are under-represented in medicine to identify common barriers and facilitators to becoming a surgeon.  His research interests focus on access to surgical services, disparate outcomes among patient populations, and increasing the diversity of our medical provider workforce.  Dr. Ulloa plans to explore older Latinx patient experiences with limb loss, and pedal tissue loss to construct patient centered outcomes as pertain to living with chronic limb threatening ischemia.




“Living with chronic limb threatening ischemia; exploring the experiences and perceptions of older community dwelling Latinos to prevent amputations, and promote independence”