Cecilia Canales, MD, MPH

Dr. Canales’ research focus is patient-oriented outcomes research in aging surgical patients. She has developed and implemented a diagnostic accuracy study to identify if Point-of-Care ultrasound measurements can be used to discriminate between frail and not frail patients to predict postoperative outcomes. She is also focused on studying factors that contribute to postoperative neurocognitive disorders (PND). Dr. Canales is a National Institute of Aging-Butler-Williams Scholar, and is particularly interested in studying PND in minority elders. Limited English proficient patients are excluded from PND studies since language can influence neurocognitive tests. Dr. Canales’s work aims to bridge this gap to better understand the needs and treatment strategies.




“Factors Contributing to Postoperative Neurocognitive Disorder in Elderly Kidney Transplant Patients: Improving Patient Outcomes in Minority Elder Surgical Patients”